Administrative teams play a pivotal role in business operations and organizational success. Leveraging effective enterprise content management (ECM) systems is imperative to meet the evolving demands of the modern workplace. OnBase by Hyland is an ECM that offers tailored functionalities to address the specific needs of various administrative departments. Let’s examine how OnBase can empower administrative teams in the corporate world.

1. Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting departments manage a wide array of financial documents, including invoices, receipts, budget reports, and compliance documentation. OnBase provides a centralized repository to streamline document management processes. Through advanced search functionalities and customizable metadata tagging, finance teams can easily retrieve, update, and analyze financial documents. Quick document access improves staff efficiency. OnBase’s automated invoice processing capabilities significantly reduce manual data entry, so finance professionals can focus on strategic financial planning and analysis.

2. Human Resources (HR) Teams

HR departments are responsible for managing employee records, handling recruitment processes, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. OnBase revolutionizes HR operations by digitizing and centralizing employee documents including resumes, performance evaluations, and training certifications. The centralized repository simplifies document retrieval and enhances data security, so sensitive employee information remains protected.

OnBase’s automated workflows improve operational efficiency and enhance the employee experience. The platform streamlines HR processes like employee onboarding, performance reviews, and leave requests. Furthermore, robust analytics capabilities give HR teams valuable insights into workforce trends and performance metrics to facilitate effective strategic workforce planning and talent management initiatives.

3. Legal and Compliance Departments

Legal and compliance departments must navigate complex regulatory landscapes and manage a myriad of legal documents and compliance records. OnBase provides a comprehensive solution for document management and compliance tracking, so legal and compliance teams can maintain accurate records and ensure regulatory compliance. Advanced features including version control, audit trails, and electronic signatures enhance document integrity and facilitate compliance with industry regulations and standards.

OnBase’s automated compliance workflows streamline processes for contract management, regulatory reporting, and risk assessments, to minimize compliance risks and reduce administrative burden. Additionally, OnBase’s reporting and analytics tools empower legal and compliance professionals to monitor compliance metrics and proactively address potential compliance issues.

4. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement and supply chain management teams oversee goods and services sourcing, purchasing, and management. These teams require efficient document management and collaboration capabilities. OnBase streamlines procurement processes by digitizing procurement documents like purchase orders, contracts, and vendor agreements. All documents are then housed within the centralized ECM platform for easy storage and retrieval.

Teams can create automated workflows to manage approval processes, reduce cycle times, and improve procurement efficiency. OnBase’s contract lifecycle management capabilities enable procurement staff to track contract milestones, monitor vendor performance, and ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions. Furthermore, OnBase’s integration with supply chain management systems enables seamless data exchange and collaboration between procurement and supply chain stakeholders, which enhances visibility and efficiency across the supply chain.

5. Executive and Administrative Support

Executive and administrative support teams play a crucial role in providing administrative assistance to senior management. Administrative staff are responsible for scheduling meetings, managing correspondence, and coordinating administrative tasks. OnBase offers advanced functionalities to streamline administrative support processes. The platform supports calendar integration, task automation, and document management.

By digitizing executive correspondence and meeting agendas, OnBase enables administrative support teams to efficiently manage executive communications and appointments. Automated workflows automate routine administrative tasks, which frees up time for administrative support professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and provide high-quality support to senior management. Additionally, OnBase’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into administrative productivity and performance, which enables continuous improvement and process optimization.


OnBase by Hyland offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise content management, so corporate administrative teams can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive organizational success. By leveraging OnBase’s tailored functionalities, departments can optimize their processes, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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