Accela solutions from 3SG Plus accelerate operations for government agencies

The Accela Civic Platform from 3SG Plus

Accela empowers government agencies to cultivate vibrant communities, attract businesses, and deliver streamlined citizen services. With its cloud-based architecture, this robust platform provides an extensive array of tools to streamline county regulatory processes and guarantee adherence to established codes and regulations.

3SG Plus is an authorized Accela reseller, integrator, and professional services provider. By choosing the Accela Civic Platform from 3SG Plus, governments can navigate regulatory complexities and efficiency and compliance to sustainable community growth and prosperity.

Accela Use Cases

  • Automate permit application tracking and management
  • Provide process transparency for agency stakeholders and citizens
  • Allow citizens to submit proposals, check status updates, and pay fees from an online portal
  • Improve turnaround times with workflow automation and document management
  • Review, track, and route plans to agency stakeholders with ease
  • Automate workflows, reduce manual data entry errors, and improve processing times
  • Initiate case investigations and issue violations
  • Monitor and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Streamline fire inspection scheduling and paperwork
  • Save time and improve efficiency with task automation
  • Increase productivity with workflow automation and mobile applications
  • Improve collaboration between field staff and business owners to achieve higher rates of compliance
  • Reduce processing times with automated workflows, simultaneous review, and clear approval pathways
  • Increase inter-agency collaboration and achieve full transparency for staff and citizens
  • Integrate with external systems to validate education, work history, exam results, etc.
  • Save time and control labor costs by automating manual and paper-driven processes
  • Automate and manage interdepartmental and citizen requests, complaints, and inquiries
  • Improve transparency and decision-making processes with data visualization and dashboards
  • Ease agency burdens for licensing cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail businesses
  • Simplify alcoholic beverage licensing processes, inspections, and renewals

Why 3SG Plus and Accela?

3SG Plus and Accela deliver a comprehensive and flexible software solution tailored for agencies to streamline land development, licensing, and inspection processes. Through the Accela platform, citizen interactions are enhanced, agency confidence is bolstered, and community involvement is encouraged.

Customized software implementations and professional services from 3SG Plus ensure seamless user adoption and optimal system uptime. We have nearly 20 years of expertise deploying tailored Accela solutions to enhance functionality and effectiveness. We also provide onboarding assistance and ongoing post-implementation support to maximize the value of every Accela deployment.

Benefits of the Accela Civic Platform

Implementing Accela software accelerates review and inspection processes, which leads to increased productivity, investment, and development.

3SG Plus has the user, regulatory and integration experience to leverage the Accela platform’s deep customization options without monopolizing in-house staff or risking something not being set up properly. 3SGPlus can further extend your implementation with custom objects and fields as well as API connectivity between apps and agencies.

Unlike other governance SaaS platforms that compromise critical features to compete on price or require excessive data entry, Accela excels in high demand settings. Accela also introduces new user features on a regular cadence that enhance usability and citizen access.

With Accela, projects can avoid costly delays and budget overruns. By improving workflows, agencies can enhance project scheduling and resource allocation.

Accela users have access to up-to-date information and insights, so stakeholders can make informed decisions, address issues, and collaborate effectively with team members and constituents.

The Accela software minimizes the need for manual intervention, optimizes resource allocation, and minimizes expenses. Agencies can maximize returns on investment and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

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