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Outcome-based tactical services for cybersecurity, infrastructure, network projects and more.

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3SG Plus sources elite knowledge talent to initiate, manage and deliver your IT projects – on time, on budget, guaranteed.


3SG Plus has taken the gig economy model and applied it to IT project talent--giving your project the benefit of the best Business Analysts, Cybersecurity Consultants, Developers, Network Architects and much more.

These are industry leaders at the top of their respective fields who would - and should - be very expensive to employ full time and long term. The beauty of PODS is that you don't have to! We configure these resources on an as-needed basis so that your costs are suppressed. With other staff augmentation models, you're paying for roles and talent for the length of the project, rather than paying an outcome-based cost that we can offer by using talent during their otherwise downtime hours that they've reserved with us.

The net-net is that you have access to the brightest minds in the industry, at off-peak-hour rates. When their part of the overall work is complete, they move off of your project. The entire project is coordinated through our PODS project manager who interfaces directly with your in-house teams to ensure everything is transparent, on-schedule, on-budget, and adaptive to your unique situation.

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What Can You Do With PODs?

It would take less space to explain what you can't do! Virtually any IT Project that you have, or need, can be handled by one or more 3SG Plus PODs if it has these characteristics:

  • The project has an end date.
    It may be a date in the distant future, but this isn't an open-ended initiative or a perpetual activity (but don't worry, we can help with those too - check out our Technology Resource Augmentation for ongoing technical help.)
  • The project has a budget, and/or a timeframe.
    You may not have a specific budget or timeframe in mind yet - but you have a sense of how much is reasonable to spend and how much time this will take if you performed it entirely with in-house resources.t
  • The project is not your core line of business.
    The value of a POD is to quickly complete bottom-line-level projects so your in-house staff can focus on increasing the top line. A 3SG Plus POD might be a good solution for a prototype, however, if you don't want to invest in upfront resources to test out a concept.
  • The project can benefit from highly skilled experts.
    Networking, server, storage, business app development, upgrade readiness assessments, and a variety of other projects have multiple layers that a skilled PODs team can complete more effectively than a small group of in-house resources.

Common Use Cases for PODs

Each Project-on-Demand is unique to the customer’s need, timeframe and budget, but here are some popular iterations:

Cybersecurity Initiatives

The hard-to-find critical talent in the Cybersecurity space makes this an ideal Project on Demand Service to source through 3SG Plus. The leading experts in the industry will work on your cybersecurity project at a fraction of the expense of bringing one on full time.

Network Projects

Network architecture, layouts, cabling, WiFi, switches, routers - as well as Cisco and Citrix software platforms; Network upgrades and readiness assesments can be a frustrating time sink for internal teams but are perfect for PODs.

Datacenter Infrastructure

Servers, storage, cages, power cabling, and everything in between. Adds, moves, changes, decommissioning, hardware and platform migrations. Or you can spin up a 3SG Plus project team to virtualize the hardware with a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC).

Cloud Migration

Integrate a little or a lot of cloud-based resources into your IT service delivery. Whether it's a migration, setting up hybrid services combining in-house and cloud systems, or even a repatriation from the cloud back to on-premise hardware, a 3SG Plus POD can bridge gaps in skills or fulfill your entire project.

Readiness Assessments

Sometimes the most important project is the one that comes before the next big thing. We bring you the expertise of multiple consultants to determine readiness and go-forward plans for app upgrades, hardware and software migrations, data systems merges in business acquisitions and more.


Upgrades can be simple, but there are many times when they are the opposite of simple. Whether it's hardware, OS, app or integration-related, 3SG Plus has experts on tap who can ensure upgrades are carried out smoothly and non-disruptively, and without unexpected delays or expenses.

Internal Business Apps

Many businesses need unique systems to run their business when off-the-shelf options are insufficient. We can build custom content management, system monitoring, inventory management, process tracking apps and much more to precisely match your needs now and to grow as you grow.

Overdue Projects

PODs don't have to be brand new initiatives; one of the best uses of PODs is to get an overdue initiative back on track or to apply expert resources to get new products to market faster than you could on your own.

PODs can be completely unique, too.

The great thing about a Project-on-Demand is that you're not on the hook for costly roles and runaway billable hours - PODs are outcome-based. That means that the budget and the timeframe are part of the SOW and there will be no surprises. It also means that if conditions change while the project is underway, you have an avenue for turning the dials to reduce costs or speed up delivery timeframes..

There are literally thousands of Projects on Demand that can benefit your organization. The best way to find out how valuable they can be to you is to connect with us for a no-pressure discussion of business initiatives or IT projects that may be better accomplished using 3SG Plus PODs than other means.

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