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3SG Plus delivers innovative technology solutions to public agencies and private businesses.

Reliable Solutions to your Big Challenges.

3SG Plus delivers products and services that maximize your organization’s long-term success.

Enterprise Content Management

3SG Plus harnesses the power of OnBase by Hyland for unparalleled document management. We offer customized deployments, seamless integration, and comprehensive support to drive operational effectiveness and maximize value.

Civic Platform Implementation

We transform governments with Accela's cutting-edge software. Our tailored deployments, seamless integration, and extensive support services transform operations, and boost transparency for agencies and constituents.

Zero-Trust Microsegmentation

We enhance your security posture with TrueFort. Our platform dynamically segments and monitors application-user interactions to prevent unauthorized access and detect threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments in real-time.

IT Infrastructure Services

3SG Plus offers a comprehensive range of IT and network solutions designed to meet infrastructure needs and safeguard data integrity. Our network services ensure customer environments are scalable, secure, and compliant with industry standards.

Technology Resource Augmentation

Our technology resource augmentation services strategically fulfill workforce needs, so companies can prioritize their core goals. We deliver qualified candidates to supplement your existing workforce on a temporary or long-term basis.

Managed Services

Our PODs approach revolutionizes IT project execution by deploying top-tier professionals, minimizing costs, and ensuring on-time completion. PODs ensure projects deliver scoped outcomes within defined timelines and budgets.

3SG Plus Use Cases

Here are some examples of what 3SGPlus does for specific kinds of organizations and businesses.

Public Agencies

3SG Plus solutions empower public agencies to streamline operations, enhance citizen engagement, and bolster cybersecurity. From document management with OnBase by Hyland to cloud-based software solutions like Accela, our tailored offerings optimize processes and ensure responsive service delivery for constituents.

Utility Companies

We enable utility companies to optimize operations, manage regulatory compliance, and enhance customer service. Our document management and advanced cybersecurity solutions improve productivity, reliability, and security across utility operations.

Large Enterprises

3SG Plus offers comprehensive solutions to streamline operations, improve data management, and bolster cybersecurity. Advanced document management systems and zero-trust segmentation offer efficiency and security across complex enterprise environments.

Higher Education

3SG Plus solutions robust tools to streamline administrative processes, enhance student services, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our document management solutions and customized software integrations boost efficiency and support the diverse needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Our Clients

3SG Plus is a certified National Minority Supplier.

3SG Plus is an active supplier on the SAP Business/Ariba Network.

"The biggest benefit is the ability to look at every page of every book from any computer. County employees are no longer constrained by cumbersome access to a single book, often heavy and hard to locate."
Melissa Betz, Auditor, Pickaway County

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