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Transforming Organizations

3SG Plus delivers innovative technology solutions to public agencies and private businesses.

3GS Plus is a certified National Minority Supplier.

Organizations We're Helping Today

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3SG Plus brings microsegmentation to your existing CrowdStrike® implementation

Good news! If you own CrowdStrike today, 3SG Plus can add full-featured, configurable microsegmentation capabilities to your existing installation. 

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Reliable Solutions to your Big Challenges.

3SG Plus delivers the products and services that maximize your organization's long-term success.


Civic Platform Implementation

Implement the industry-leading solution for civic permitting, inspections, and governance with Accela -- and extend its off-the-shelf capabilities to perfectly align to your agency needs with 3SG Plus! 3SG Plus is a certified Accela partner and Value-Added Reseller.
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Projects on Demand (PODs)

Get back on track with existing projects and rapidly deploy new initiatives with 3SG Plus! Our outcome-based model lets you cycle in our BA, PM and other resources when needed, and only pay for roles when they are in active use.
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Enterprise Content Management

All your files and documents at your fingertips - compliant with regulatory frameworks, globally indexed and secure forever. 3SG Plus specializes in secure, fragile and oversize document scanning and is a Hyland OnBase certified partner and Value-Added Reseller.
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Infrastructure & Networking

3SG Plus is your infrastructure and networking resource to optimize connectivity and data flow. These are among our most frequently utilized Project-on-Demand. Find out more about a recent Software-Defined-Datacenter installation at a major power utility here.


Technology Resource Augmentation

Whether you need a dozen full time developers to fill open roles, or just need to boost your team to reach a milestone, 3SG Plus is your reliable provider. We source, interview and test our own candidates directly - and we'll only place the people we'd hire internally.
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Managed Services

Why not simply offload the whole thing to us? 3SG Plus offers fully managed Engineering and CAD, payroll and accounting, data processing, and professional services to fill gaps and provide long-term peace of mind.
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Our latest Case Study: End-to-End datacenter network solutions for power-generating utility companies: Software Designed Datacenter (SDDC) Implementation (August 2023)

3SGPlus expands public sector staffing augmentation to Michigan with regulatory approval to bid on DotStaff (August 2023)

"Technology Resource Augmentation September": Follow 3SGPlus on Linkedin for a new tip about Technology Resource Augmentation every weekday in September 2023!

3SGPlus Use Cases

Here are some examples of what 3SGPlus does for specific kinds of organizations and businesses.


Public Agencies

Accela, Hyland OnBase, Digital Imaging, Staffing Augmentation

3SGPlus offers in-depth fine-tuning of the Accela platform, which is a modular suite of solutions across State, County, and City governance. For instance, plumbing and sewer certifications are commonly managed at the city and county level, and aren't part of Accela out-of-the-box, but we can integrate this and similar localizations seamlessly into your instance.

Utility Companies

Infrastructure, Staff Augmentation and PODs

Utility companies have unique needs at scale. Enterprise-wide efficiencies translate to kilowatt-hours of billing, while even small gaps can cost significant revenues and impact customer service ratings. Field offices and branch locations have their own special requirements. 3SGPlus is steeped in the Public Utility space and provides critical services to power generation companies in multiple states.


Large Enterprise

Managed Services, Enterprise Content Services, Infrastructure and Networking

Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Construction, Pharmaceutical and many other large enterprise industries are required to meet the same or higher standards required by public agencies, while also protecting shareholder interests, developing new markets and edging out competitors. 3SGPlus provides critical advantages in these market spaces by offloading mundane services, rapidly filling staffing gaps, and deploying outcome-based projects in alignment with in-house teams

"The biggest benefit is the ability to look at every page of every book from any computer. County employees are no longer constrained by cumbersome access to a single book, often heavy and hard to locate."
Melissa Betz, Auditor, Pickaway County

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