Managed Services from 3SG Plus

Focus on business outcomes; 3SG Plus will take care of business.

Streamline Operations

  • Outsource commodity accounting transactions and processes

  • Leverage global workforce to offload data collection and processing tasks

  • Reduce overhead by leveraging world class engineering skills

  • Capitalize on global resources for projects, support, maintenance, upgrade and migration needs

Better, Faster, Less Expensive.

3SG Plus strategic Managed Services solutions give organizations the freedom to offload everyday business tasks in order to focus on strategic objectives. Our Managed Services solution scales to whatever size your organization needs. We not only leverage certified, high-skill industry talent to perform your tasks, but thanks to economies of scale, managed services are available for a lower cost than the expense of additional hires.

Managed Service Options

Focus on strategic growth, and we’ll take care of the little things like these.


Many organizations either overpay for on-staff accountants whose skills go mostly unused day-to-day, or shoehorn someone into the role whose other functions create more value for the company. Outsourcing your accounting functions saves money and allows employees to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

Payroll & Human Resources

Payroll and HR are complex, highly skilled and certification-based roles, but businesses are frequently either understaffed or misallocated at the position. Outsourcing Payroll or HR Functions through 3SG Plus allows high-skill HR teams to focus on retention, training and benefits rather than repetitive daily and weekly cycles.

Professional Services

In addition to payroll, HR and Accounting functions, a myriad of other daily operational business activities can be outsourced to increase effectiveness and reduce overall costs, including:

  • Data Entry/Data Administration
  • Purchase cards management
  • GIS coding and management

Your Outsourcing Experience

For those new to outsourcing, 3SG Plus offers an initial assessment to determine which services offer the greatest early advantage to operational efficiencies.

For organizations unhappy with their current outsourcing partner – or their partners rates – 3SG Plus can leverage our Professional Services organization to seamlessly transition workloads from the previous vendor to pick up midstream, right where they leave off.

Get to know more about Managed Services

One of our team members will reach out to you.

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