Enterprise Content Services

Digital Transformation with Hyland OnBase and Secure Document Imaging Services

What can Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Do for you?

Automated Workflows

Reduce or eliminate manual processes tied to reviews, approvals, processing, reporting, and other functions.

Faster Response

Access documents, files, and data from one centralized location for improved collaboration and productivity across the enterprise


Tailor the platform’s interface, workflows, and processes to meet your company’s unique needs

Control the Flow of Information Through Your Organization

Locate documents in milliseconds, reclaim space, maintain file security and increase productivity

Unlock the power of your documents and data

Embrace digital transformation with an enterprise content services platform tailored by 3SGPlus to meet your business objectives.

Traditionally, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) digitized paper documents for distribution, often referred to as "document management." However, crucial content remains scattered in applications like email and network drives. Today, a more advanced approach is needed—Enterprise Content Services. This platform aggregates content, connects applications, and offers centralized views for optimal efficiency. Content services enable seamless access, integration into workflows, and secure sharing across applications and users.

10 Advantages of Hyland OnBase from 3SG Plus

Compared to Sharepoint and Teams or other consumer-grade solutions (click the + to see more)

Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus provides advanced document management capabilities, including:

  • Version control
  • Metadata management
  • Document workflows
  • Automated approval processes.

These features can streamline content creation, collaboration, and approval processes more effectively than SharePoint alone.

  • Hyland Onbase from 3SGPlus offers sophisticated search capabilities, enabling users to quickly find and retrieve documents based on content, metadata, keywords, and other criteria. This can be especially valuable in large organizations with vast amounts of content.
  • Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus include features for enforcing information governance and compliance policies. This includes:

    • Retention schedules
    • Automated archiving
    • Legal holds
    • Audit trails
    These and other features ensure content is managed in accordance with regulatory requirements. Sharepoint and Teams are noncompliant.
  • Hyland Onbase from 3SGPlus offers better integration with other business applications, allowing for seamless content access and sharing across various departments and systems. Sharepoint and Teams are limited to Microsoft integrations.
  • ECM platforms support the automation of complex business processes, such as invoice processing, contract management, and HR onboarding. This can improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks. Sharepoint and Teams lack this level of functionality.
  • While SharePoint can handle unmanaged content access for smaller organizations, Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus is designed around enterprise-scale content and concurrent access requirements, including handling higher volumes of data, more users and requests at the same time, and more content types.
  • Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus provides a consistent and unified user experience, which can improve adoption and ease of use across different departments and teams.
  • Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus offers granular control over access to content and sensitive information at a variety of different levels which can be centrally configured. This is crucial for maintaining data security and confidentiality.
  • Hyland OnBase from 3SGPlus offers vastly more advanced customization and enhancement options compared to one-size-fits-all MS solutions, allowing organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs and processes. In addition, MS extension relies on an ecosystem of add-on apps that have a reputation for disappearing without much warning, so if your process includes such an app, you may be scrambling for a workaround or lose functionality.
  • 3SGPlus and Hyland provide specialized maintenance, in-depth user and administrator training, broad industry expertise, and critical services for OnBase that are focused specifically on content management needs, helping organizations get the most out of their investment. Sharepoint is just one among many unrelated MS products, with training and support primarily a responsibility of your own IT teams.

The Lasting Solution to the Big Paper Problem

Big business still kills a lot of trees. If you're in a high-paper-volume business, you want a digital transformation vendor that has a best practice solution for your paper as well.

While regulations increasingly accept and encourage digitization, you may still be required to retain paper, or you may assume that the task of converting millions of pages into a digital format is simply too daunting. We've got good news for you - Did you know that 3SG Plus actually started out as a document imaging company?

An entire floor of our operational headquarters is devoted to the people and equipment for high-volume, secure document scanning. Our specialty is secure, fragile, or oversize scanning that goes beyond commodity document imaging, but we're configured to handle massive volumes as well.

The combination of best-in-class Enterprise Content Management with a full-featured document management vendor can't be overstated; not only do you get a much lower price by combining the two services with 3SG Plus, but you also enable a truly end-to-end solution for your paper.

Smooth Workflow

3SG Plus can scan millions of pages into your Hyland OnBase or other ECM solution or deliver continuous service as part of your intake workflow.

Recover Space

Get rid of paper file cabinets, storage rooms, and scary basements full of old files

Disaster Protection

3SG Plus can retain your documents securely after scanning should your compliance needs require it.

Secure Destruction

Save even more by relying on 3SG Plus as your vendor for secure destruction as well as scanning and retention.

Lasting Continuity

Gain independence from physical filing cabinets while enjoying much easier onboarding of new hires. Your teams can grow and expand to new people, regions and configurations without ever losing access to critical files.

Our customers share what they like best.

Here are a few of the reasons why our customers choose Enterprise Content Services from 3SG Plus.

Centralized Organization

By imposing order on what was a chaotic jumble of documents, processes and workarounds, 3SG Plus Enterprise Content Services help to organize the entire organization for the C-level, not just the files used by individuals and work groups.

Fits like a Glove

3SG Plus builds a complete Enterprise Content solution around each organization's purpose, goals, daily activities and vision for the future. We dial in every component to meet needs without overprovisioning or overcomplicating any processes.

Confident Operations

Enterprise Content Management isn't just beneficial for security and productivity; it also helps management and work teams relax in the knowledge that they can always easily get to the information they need to fulfill their role on a daily basis.

Literally Less Work

Physical documents can be heavy! Lugging around boxes, struggling with hefty recordbooks and the intense work needed to manually reorganize file cabinets as volume increases - all a thing of the past.

3SGPlus is a Certified Hyland OnBase Partner

3SG Plus has OnBase in our DNA.

3SG Plus not only has a team of highly certified implementation staff on our team, but our OnBase sales resources are also former users who can discuss your specific needs in detail. As with all our products and services, 3SG Plus is with you all the way, from readiness assessments through onboarding and training.

  • Best practices for settings, preferences and integrations
  • Assured adoption with significant focus on onboardingt
  • Personalized service and ongoing communication after the sale

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