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Streamline document management with 3SG Plus and OnBase by Hyland

What is OnBase?

OnBase by Hyland is a holistic enterprise content and business process management solution crafted to streamline document management, refine workflows, and enhance organizational efficiency. The platform serves as a centralized document repository to ensure seamless document storage, organization, and retrieval. Clients leverage OnBase to capture, process, and oversee enterprise content throughout the organization.

Why OnBase from 3SG Plus?

3SG Plus is an authorized OnBase reseller, integrator, and professional services provider. With more than 17 years of experience in configuring OnBase platforms and ensuring regulatory compliance, our team offers unparalleled expertise. Our comprehensive support services are designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance transparency, and optimize the value and impact of your OnBase software.

OnBase Features

  • Manage document versioning, metadata, and workflows
  • Streamline content creation, collaboration, and approval processes
  • Find and retrieve documents from a single repository
  • Search documents using filters, keywords, and metadata
  • Centralize document storage, apply access controls, and manage audit trails
  • Automate document retention policies and mitigate compliance risks
  • Leverage APIs to integrate with other existing systems
  • Automate data exchanges and synchronize information across the enterprise
  • Automate repetitive tasks and standardize workflows
  • Reduce manual errors and ensure consistency across departments
  • Accommodate changes in workload, users, and workflows
  • Adapt to changing business needs and company growth
  • Simplify platform navigation, task execution, and information retrieval
  • Improve user adoption and reduce training and onboarding costs
  • Implement roles-based access to safeguard sensitive data and protect against unauthorized access
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards
  • Create custom forms, fields, and workflows to meet your specific needs
  • Modify and extend platform functionality to meet your business objectives
  • Maximize system uptime, value, and effectiveness
  • Receive personalized assistance, leverage technical expertise, and access training resources 24/7/365

Verticals that Benefit from OnBase

State and Local Government

  • Digitize permit application processes, shorten approvals processes, and reduce paperwork
  • Consolidate public records, document management, and other systems for easy access to information
  • Deploy for law enforcement, public safety, health and human services, planning and development, and finance and administration


  • Digitize medical records for easy access by healthcare providers to improve patient care and reduce errors
  • Automate billing and claims processing to expedite reimbursements and minimize revenue cycle inefficiencies
  • Implement for clinical and medical imaging, health information management, and billing and claims

Higher Education

  • Automate transcript request procedures and streamline exchange of academic records for students and staff
  • Integrate course registration systems to simplify enrollment processes and minimize administrative burden
  • Implement for admissions, financial aid, student affairs, and registrar’s offices


  • Streamline policy issuance, automate underwriting processes, and reduce turnaround times
  • Leverage fraud detection algorithms to identify suspicious claims and mitigate financial loss
  • Deploy for policy management, claims, and third party administration


  • Centralize employee onboarding documentation, expedite hiring processes, and ensure compliance
  • Manage administrative workflows, invoicing, approvals, and vendor management
  • Deploy for Accounts Payable, Human Resources, approval management, and supply chain management


  • Automate loan origination processes, reduce manual errors and expedite approvals for borrowers
  • Enhance regulatory compliance with automated audit trails and reporting mechanisms for financial transactions
  • Implement for retail and corporate banking, lending, and wealth management

Transform Physical Documents into Digital Assets

We offer advanced document imaging services to convert physical documents into digital assets. Utilizing state-of-the-art scanning technology, we ensure that every detail is captured accurately to maintain integrity of your data.

Once digitized, these assets can be stored in the OnBase platform for immediate access and retrieval. Our approach improves document lifecycle management, reduces operational costs, and increases productivity.

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