OnBase by Hyland is a scalable content services solution that transforms content management across public and private sector organizations. From streamlining processes to enhancing data security and compliance, OnBase offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower users and optimize workflows. Here are the top 8 features 3SG Plus customers love about OnBase.

1. Information Capture from Almost Any Source
OnBase’s robust capture capabilities help organizations gather data from diverse sources. It doesn’t matter if that source is a paper document, an electronic file, or data extracted directly from a document. OnBase automates the capture process, minimizes manual data entry, and reduces errors.

2. Processes Automation Across the Enterprise
OnBase enhances process automation by reducing processing time, improving accuracy, and increasing employee productivity. The platform’s highly adaptable workflow engine helps organizations automate intricate business processes and offers customization flexibility. From notifications to approvals and load balancing, OnBase optimizes operations for organizations of all sizes.

3. Case-Driven Work Support
The OnBase platform simplifies case management by centralizing data, tasks, documents, and collaboration within a single solution. OnBase equips employees with the tools they need to efficiently manage cases, service requests, investigations, and incidents. Centralized access to information improves productivity and customer satisfaction.

4. Comprehensive Content Management
With OnBase, organizations can organize, manage, and optimize critical content across various formats and locations. From invoices to contracts to multimedia files, OnBase gives users access to current, relevant information while maintaining compliance and streamlining collaboration.

5. Low-Code Application Development
OnBase serves as a low-code platform, so organizations can build custom applications without extensive backend programming. By replacing outdated systems and bridging functionality gaps, OnBase enhances organizational efficiency and adaptability and reduces costs associated with custom development.

6. Key Systems Integration
OnBase integrates with key business applications to facilitate information and document exchange across a company’s existing software platforms. Purpose-built integrations and screen and data-level integrations are supported, so users have consistent access to information throughout the organization.

7. Process Monitoring and Improvement
OnBase provides users, administrators, and auditors with insightful dashboards, logs, and reports to monitor processes effectively. Configurable reporting capabilities enable organizations to identify areas for improvement, track document status, and ensure compliance. Dashboard insights and reports inform decision-making, which leads to operational excellence.

8. Data Security and Compliance
Security is paramount with OnBase. The platform offers granular access controls, automated records management, and robust data encryption to safeguard sensitive information. Redundant configurations and compliance with industry standards helps OnBase ensure data integrity, business continuity, and regulatory compliance.

OnBase by Hyland redefines content management by combining powerful features with seamless integration and robust security. From capturing information to optimizing processes and ensuring compliance, OnBase empowers organizations to unlock their full potential and drive innovation in the digital age.

If you’d like to learn more about how OnBase can help your organization achieve operational excellence, drop us a line. One of our knowledgeable OnBase consultants will contact you directly.

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