Higher education institutions face a myriad of administrative and operational challenges that can hinder efficiency, student satisfaction, and overall performance. The OnBase platform offers comprehensive solutions to streamline these processes, enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of educational institutions.

As an authorized OnBase reseller, integrator, and professional services provider, 3SG Plus works with higher education institutions to deliver ECM solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each facility. Our expertise can help improve these eight key higher education processes:

1. Admissions and Enrollment

Current Challenges: The admissions and enrollment process is often labor-intensive and involves collecting, verifying and processing numerous documents. In many colleges and universities, this work is completed manually by staff.

Improvement Opportunity: OnBase automates the collection and processing of applications, transcripts, and recommendation letters. It integrates with existing student information systems to ensure a seamless flow of information. Automated workflows reduce manual entry errors, accelerate decision-making, and improve the applicant experience.

2. Financial Aid Processing

Current Challenges: Managing financial aid involves complex calculations, compliance requirements, and timely disbursement of funds.

Improvement Opportunity: OnBase simplifies financial aid processing by automating document collection, verification, and eligibility assessments. The system ensures compliance with regulatory standards and accelerates the disbursement process, making it easier for students to access the funds they need.

3. Student Records Management

Current Challenges: Maintaining and updating student records can be cumbersome and prone to errors. Additionally, paper-based systems require manual data entry and storage space.

Improvement Opportunity: OnBase digitizes student records, making them easily accessible and searchable. Automated workflows ensure that records are consistently updated and maintained, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring data integrity. This also facilitates better compliance with data protection regulations. Since all records are managed through the centralized document repository, physical storage space can be downsized.

4. Course Registration

Current Challenges: The course registration process can be chaotic, and students often face long wait times. Higher educational institutions may also experience load balancing issues, network delays, and system downtime when many users try to use legacy systems to schedule their courses.

Improvement Opportunity: OnBase streamlines course registration by providing a user-friendly, self-service portal. Automated workflows handle prerequisites and waitlists, ensuring a smooth registration process. This reduces the administrative burden on staff and improves the student experience.

5. Faculty and Staff Onboarding

Current Challenges: Onboarding new faculty and staff involves can be a laborious process. Colleges and universities need a system that can streamline all components of new hire onboarding, so staff and faculty can focus on operational improvements and instruction.

Improvement Recommendation: OnBase automates the onboarding process, ensuring all necessary documents are collected and approvals are obtained in a timely manner. It integrates with HR systems to facilitate seamless setup of accounts and access permissions, ensuring new hires can start contributing quickly.

6. Facilities Management

Current Challenges: Managing facilities involves tracking maintenance requests, scheduling repairs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Manual processes hinder improvement and remediation.

Improvement Recommendation: OnBase provides a centralized platform for managing maintenance requests and scheduling repairs. Automated workflows ensure timely responses and adherence to safety regulations. The system also tracks inventory and maintenance histories, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation.

7. Alumni Relations and Fundraising

Current Challenges: Building and maintaining relationships with alumni and managing fundraising campaigns require effective communication and data management.

Improvement Recommendation: OnBase centralizes alumni data and automates communication workflows. It helps track interactions and manage fundraising campaigns efficiently. The system provides insights into alumni engagement and fundraising performance, enabling institutions to tailor their strategies effectively.

8. Compliance and Accreditation Management

Current Challenges: Ensuring compliance with accreditation standards and regulatory requirements involves extensive documentation and regular audits.

Improvement Opportunity: OnBase streamlines compliance management by organizing and automating the collection of required documentation. It provides audit trails and reporting tools that make it easier to prepare for accreditation reviews and ensure ongoing compliance.

The ability for higher educational institutions to streamline and automate processes is critical. OnBase offers robust solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall institutional effectiveness. 3SG Plus can implement OnBase solutions that align and improve existing workflows and processes. If improvements are made at the administrative level, then higher education institutions can focus on their core mission of providing quality education. Embracing a centralized ECM not only improves operational workflows but also enhances the student and staff experience, positioning institutions for greater success in a competitive landscape.

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