Building and planning departments in local government agencies must strive to deliver top-notch service while navigating complex workflows and regulations. Integration between OnBase and Accela Civic Platform helps improve service delivery for building and planning teams.

Meeting Challenges Head-On


Before the integration of OnBase with Accela, building and planning departments often grappled with a multitude of challenges.

  • Limited Access and Security Concerns: Collaboration suffers from restricted document access, and security is a concern when proper access restrictions are not in place.
  • Version Control and Document Management: Similar versions of one document can lead to confusion and wasted time. Additionally, the inability to share documents outside native applications hinders seamless collaboration.
  • Paper-Based Plan Reviews: Time-consuming manual plan reviews slow processes and lack transparency, which can negatively impact trust among stakeholders.

OnBase for Accela: A Transformative Integration


By integrating OnBase with Accela, building and planning departments receive benefits that streamline processes and enhance transparency.

  • Instant Document Access: Agency staff gain instant, secure access to documents and drawings, which improves project delivery timelines and creates smoother workflows.
  • Enhanced Document Security: OnBase ensures proper revision control and retention, safeguarding documents against unauthorized alterations. The integration facilitates access to documents from Accela while maintaining a complete audit trail.
  • Electronic Plan Review: The Electronic Plan Review feature within OnBase revolutionizes the review process, so examiners can collaborate on plan documents. Automation expedites approvals and generates adjudication letters, which drives efficiency and transparency.

Realizing Tangible Benefits


Integrating OnBase with Accela isn’t just a technological advancement—the integration offers tangible improvements in day-to-day operations.

  • Process Efficiency: Electronic plan review expedites project approvals, which reduces turnaround times and enhances stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Stakeholders benefit from improved transparency, and metrics are readily available to track process improvements and monitor project statuses.
  • Resource Optimization: With streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration capabilities, building and planning departments can optimize resources and focus on delivering exceptional service to constituents.

Government agencies are under pressure to do more with less, and leveraging technology to streamline processes is not just advantageous—it’s imperative. The integration of OnBase with Accela empowers building and planning departments to overcome traditional hurdles and deliver faster approvals, enhanced security, and improved transparency. By embracing platform integrations, government agencies can usher in a new era of efficiency and excellence in service delivery.

If you would like to learn more about how OnBase can work with your existing Accela environment, please reach out by filling out our contact form. We’d love to speak with you.

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