Government agencies face increasing pressure to deliver efficient and effective services to their constituents. In partnership with Accela, 3SG Plus offers government agencies the potential to maximize their return on investment (ROI) while enhancing service delivery and citizen satisfaction.

The Accela Civic Platform: A Foundation for Innovation

The Accela Civic Platform is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for government agencies to streamline processes, improve transparency, and enhance citizen engagement. This cloud-based platform offers a wide range of capabilities including permitting, licensing, and code enforcement. Each Accela deployment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each public sector organization.


Key Features of the Accela Civic Platform

Automation and Workflow Management: By automating manual processes and streamlining workflows, the Accela Civic Platform helps agencies reduce administrative burden, minimize errors, and expedite service delivery. This improves operational efficiency and enhances the overall citizen experience.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Government agencies use Accela’s robust analytics tools to gain valuable insights into operations, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation and improve service outcomes.

Mobile Accessibility: The Accela Civic Platform’s mobile capabilities enable government employees to access critical information and perform essential tasks from anywhere, ultimately enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Citizen Engagement Tools: Accela Civic Platform uses online tools, portals, and mobile applications to facilitate meaningful interaction between government agencies and constituents to foster transparency, trust, and community collaboration.

Partnering with 3SG Plus: Enhancing Capabilities and Expertise 

While the Accela Civic Platform offers a robust foundation for digital transformation, partnering with an experienced service provider like 3SG Plus can further augment an agency’s capabilities and accelerate the journey towards maximizing ROI. The 3SG Plus team has delivered tailored Accela services and support to customers for nearly 20 years. 


Benefits of Partnering with 3SG Plus

Implementation and Customization: Our experience and domain knowledge can expedite the Accela implementation process and ensure seamless integration with existing systems and workflows. Additionally, we can customize the platform to align with an agency’s unique requirements and objectives to maximize platform effectiveness and utility.

Training and Support: Transitioning to a new technology platform can be challenging for government agencies. We offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing support services to empower agency staff with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage the full potential of the Accela Civic Platform. Our training programs and support services improve Accela user adoption and proficiency, which saves organizations time and money.

Continuous Improvement: As technology and regulatory landscapes evolve, government agencies must continuously optimize their processes and systems to remain effective and compliant. We provide proactive guidance, updates, and best practices to help agencies stay ahead of the curve and ensure that agencies derive maximum value from their Accela investment over time.

Realizing Maximum ROI: A Collaborative Approach

Maximizing ROI in the public sector requires a collaborative approach that combines cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. By leveraging the Accela Civic Platform and partnering with trusted service providers like 3SG Plus, government agencies can streamline operations, enhance service delivery, and ultimately deliver greater value to their constituents.


Citizens’ expectations are constantly evolving, and investing in modern technology platforms and strategic partnerships is not just a matter of convenience. It’s a necessity for government agencies looking to thrive. When agencies embrace innovation and collaborative partnership, they can unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency, and make meaningful strides towards building smarter, more responsive communities.

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