3SG Plus, a leading innovator in digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its revamped website at Designed to provide an optimal user experience while enhancing accessibility to essential information, the company has undertaken a comprehensive overhaul to eliminate distractions and quickly deliver information of interest to customers, prospects, partners and other visitors to the site.

This update aligns the website with the commitment 3SG Plus has made to serving the needs of its customers and prospects by increasing its focus on core services, case studies, and use cases.

In response to user feedback and industry trends, 3SG Plus has taken significant steps to enhance usability. Most notably, previously gated content has been brought forward, allowing users immediate access to valuable data and resources without the need to fill out forms. The company believes that this approach fosters transparency and empowers visitors to explore the information they seek more freely and connect at their own point of readiness.

Furthermore, 3SG Plus has revamped its company timeline, showcasing impressive growth and important milestones achieved over the years. The updated menus and footers now offer a consistent experience across all pages, facilitating effortless navigation, and enabling users to create support tickets from any part of the website. As a finishing touch, the ‘about us’ page has been refreshed with new photos, adding a personal touch to the user experience.

This website transformation underscores 3SG Plus’s dedication to delivering value to its audience and reflects its ongoing commitment to user-centric design principles. Visitors can explore the enhanced website at to discover the company’s latest offerings and explore the possibilities offered by 3SG Plus. The site details the 3SG Plus suite of solutions including professional services for Hyland OnBase and the Accela Civic Platform, Project-on-Demand Services, Technology Resource Augmentation, Managed HR, Accounting and Engineering Services, and enhanced Document Imaging.

About 3SG Plus:
A Minority-Owned LLC headquartered in Columbus Ohio, 3SG Plus is a leading technology solutions company specializing in Digital Transformation. Offering civic platform and enterprise content management implementation, secure document imaging, and outcome-based staff augmentation, 3SGPlus is dedicated to delivering org-wide solutions that empower utilities, government agencies, and private enterprises to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide superior services to their customers and constituents.

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