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Technology Resource Augmentation from 3SG Plus

Sometimes your project is actually people. 3SG Plus brings you the best.

"Large IT efforts often cost much more than planned; some can put the whole organization in jeopardy. The companies that defy these odds are the ones that master key dimensions that align IT and business value."
Source: McKinsey-Oxford Study on reference-class forecasting for IT projects

Your team, with superpowers

Bringing in elite talent from 3SG Plus to support and grow your existing teams is an easy way to solve problems and grow revenues long-term. When your core business needs greater capacity or enhanced skills, 3SG Plus delivers.

  • Specialized talent to execute on major initiatives
  • Permanent staff to fill nagging roles you haven't been able to source internally
  • Candidates who can add value to your teams from day one

No Third Party Recruiters

3SG Plus sources your candidates directly from our own pool of potential hires. We don't bring in third party recruiters or outsource this process.

  • Best people at less overall cost - work without middleman expenses
  • Candidates are directly vetted, no-surprise hires
  • Not qualified to work for you unless they are already qualified to work for us

Rigorous Interview Process

We work hand in hand with all our candidates to ensure they can perform at the highest level and that their credentials and certifications have value in day-to-day operations. Our staffing resource team, our management team and our CIO interview every candidate and certify their approval before they are placed in a role.


Seeking Qualified People

We actively search LinkedIn,, Hired Guns and other sites looking for the ideal candidates on your behalf, sourcing the top talent to suit your specifications at a great rate because we only work directly with candidates. We know the industry and we know the key behavioral, technical and personality traits that separate great candidates from merely adequate ones. We monitor job boards continuously and identify key performers while they're still in active roles. 

Side Gig?

Sometimes, top talent already has a full-time role, but they can collaborate on projects in their off-peak hours. You benefit from their elite skills at a lower rate, and they add more billable hours in their flex time. If you're interested in working with 3SG Plus as a side gig as part of our Projects on Demand knowledge resource teams, contact us below.

  • Personalized Service

    Your hiring requests may take the form of an RFP, but 3SG Plus also builds long term relationships based on trust and repeated successful hiring placements. The placement of your highly valued new team member is always more than just a transaction for us.

  • DEI-aware

    As a certified minority-owned business, 3SG Plus values and celebrates diversity while remaining focused on the highest degree of candidate value. Our candidate policies align with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) hiring requirements.

  • Great People and Great Rates

    By doing all our hiring directly without a third-party service that also needs to be paid, 3SG Plus keeps rates lower than other providers who outsource through recruiters.

  • State Approved Vendor

    3SG Plus is an active member of the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan state-approved staff augmentation vendor portals, and is expanding into the states surrounding those in 2024. We actively participate in the RFP/RFQ/RFI bids and respect your RFP process.

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