3SG Plus, Ranjan Manoranjan
Ranjan Manoranjan

Ranjan Manoranjan, the co-founder of 3SG Plus, is a global business and community leader highly regarded on the local, national and international stage. Ranjan has a rich history of helping complex, fast-moving companies grow and flourish by strategically creating and nurturing relationships necessary to make deals, impact change and improve the financial bottom line. Currently, a principal at 3SG Plus, Ranjan exercises the skills necessary to bring together different views to find common ground. He is known for using excellent listening and negotiation skills to accomplish corporate and community goals.

Ranjan was appointed to the Ohio Casino Control Commission in 2011 by Ohio Governor John Kasich and currently serves on the World of Children Board of Governors. Ranjan has also served on the Executive Board of the Ohio Society of CPAs and currently serves on the Ohio Society’s Political Action Committee. The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority and Governmental Affairs Advisory Council are other organizations that have benefited from his active involvement.