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3SG Plus Announces Creation of NTELLINOVUS

COLUMBUS – November 5, 2019 – 3SG Plus is proud to announce the creation of NTELLINOVUS. NTELLINOVUS is a 3SG Plus Company, was born from the love of GIS and the on-going search for intelligent innovation that will solve the problems municipalities face day to day.

NTELLINOVUS will feature GEONOVUS, formerly known as PRIME Plow. GEONOVUS is a fully hosted web-mapping application that integrates with the client’s automatic vehicle locating (AVL) system and Geographic Information System (GIS) to improve operational awareness and provide real-time information to the public.

With a passion for technology, as NTELLINOVUS grows and evolves the company will add other new technology solutions and services to it’s portfolio in the future. Brian Hall, Director of GIS Initiatives for NTELLINOVUS said, “This is an exciting time for 3SG Plus and NTELLINOVUS. We are passionate about providing the very best technology and services to all clients.”

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Headquartered in Columbus Ohio but serving organizations nationwide, 3SG Plus strives to implement best-in-class business process and technology solutions to help our customers make more efficient and effective decisions. For more information, contact us at info@3sgplus.com.

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