Government planning and permitting teams need to visualize and manage data efficiently. ESRI’s graphical information system (GIS) software helps planning and permitting departments collect, manage, and analyze spatial data. Through comprehensive mapping and data visualization, GIS provides insights into land parcels and displays zoning and land use entitlements.

Accela’s partnership with ESRI integrates GIS technology directly into the Civic Platform. This integration offers a geographical visualization of government data by plotting activity locations on a map. The GIS data visualizations offer an enhanced user experience with real-time updates. Within the Accela platform, users can view maps, enter context-sensitive commands, and utilize drag-and-drop functionality.

The Accela/ESRI integration is designed to provide a geographical view of land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information related to parcels, permits, inspections, and service requests. This bi-directional interface allows users to interact with both tabular and spatial information because it uses the planning agency’s GIS database and map services from ArcGIS Servers. The result is a comprehensive geographic information view that can combine base maps from different agencies to provide a unified graphical representation of the designated location.

Key Features of Accela’s GIS Integration

The integration of GIS into Accela platforms brings a myriad of functionalities that enhance operational efficiency:

  • Plotting Event Locations: Users can plot event locations using address, parcel, or asset matching.
  • Initiating Transactions: New applications or transactions can be started directly from selected map features.
  • Navigation and Selection: The GIS interface offers navigation tools such as pan, zoom, and scale adjustments, along with various selection methods (line, polygon, rectangle).
  • Buffer Selection and Feature Association: Users can select buffer areas and associate features with transaction records.
  • Map Editing Tools: End users can draw new features (points, lines, polygons) representing geographic elements or assets, linking them to transactions in the Accela database.
  • Redlining and Identifying: The solution supports redlining (adding points, lines, polygons, and text boxes) and identifying feature attributes through a simple click.
  • Mobile Mapping and Routing: GIS integration extends to mobile devices, enabling offline routing capabilities. Routes and driving directions can be saved and printed, with optimized routing achieved using the agency’s street file with ArcGIS Server Network Extension or alternative methods.

Chart Your Path with 3SG Plus 

3SG Plus is an authorize Accela reseller, integrator, and professional services provider. We implement custom Accela deployments tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our integration services ensure real-time updates and data synchronization between your Accela platform and other business applications. We connect the Accela platform and its built-in ESRI GIS integration directly with your existing ArcGIS servers. Once the integration is complete, agency users can manage, edit, and update data directly within the map viewer. All information is saved in real-time and is accessible to in-office and field staff via the Accela Civic Platform or the Accela Mobile application.

By leveraging the power of GIS, agencies can streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance service delivery to the public. 3SG’s customized Accela deployments and integration services help agencies achieve their business goals.

If you’d like to learn more about the ESRI integration with Accela, please click the button and fill out the form below. We will contact you directly.

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