Kumar Buvanendaran, Managing Principal 3SG Plus
Kumar Buvanendaran, 3SG Plus
Kumar Buvanendaran
Executive Chairman

As Executive Chairman, Kumar takes an active role advancing 3SG Plus’ mission and vision and implementing strategies for the firm’s success. He prides himself on his collaborative management style ensuring the right team is in place, the right marketing efforts are made, and the operations run seamlessly. He supports a work culture that centers on client satisfaction and employee retention.

Kumar has a proven track record of leading good companies to greatness by realizing substantial growth, receiving top rankings in national publications, and accolades from clients and professional associations. Pulling on his drive to see success come from hard work and focus, he has successfully merged his love for technology and his entrepreneurial spirit into the success of 3SG Plus.

“The greatest reward of my job is observing the talent, excitement, energy, and ideas of all my employees when I walk through the halls of the different offices. I really do take note of it all and am so proud of how far we have come.”