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Three Reasons to Utilize 3SG Plus's
Scanning and Document Conversion Services

Reclaim Space
Reclaim valuable office space and eliminate expensive secondary offsite storage facilities by engaging 3SG Plus in Backfile Conversion and Scanning Services.
Regain Efficiencies
Regain efficiencies in your day to day operations by getting important and frequently used documents out of boxes and file cabinets and into electronic format.
Control and Security
Maintain better control and security of sensitive information and mitigate risk of lost or damaged/destroyed documents.

3SG Plus has over 20 years’ experience scanning paper documents for both public and private sector organizations across the United States. Our portfolio of  clients cover a wide variety verticals and departments such as Finance, Human Resources, Utilities, Banking, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Government. We are equipped to process millions of pages, no matter if they are standard, wide format documents or books. We specialize in processing historical records that require special handling and care and proudly accept projects of any size.

3SG Plus’s End to End Document Imaging Services

3SG Plus offers a variety of options to get your documents safely and securely to us. Options include:

  • Pickup from your facility on a mutually agreed upon schedule
  • PO Box designated specifically for your organization
  • Ship via trusted carrier to our secure facility.
  • Documents already in digital format can be delivered via secure FTP for indexing


3SG Plus will work with you to understand to condition of the documents it will be receiving and what will be required to prep those documents for scanning (paperclips, staples, post-it notes, etc.)





3SG Plus offers scanning services to accommodate your needs whether that be onsite at your location or at our secure document imaging center.

We have the ability to scan a wide variety of documents in various formats.

  • Various paper sizes and conditions
  • Books
  • Wide formats
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Architectural Drawings
  • Black and white, grey scale or full color


3SG Plus will work with you to understand your documents and data needs. We will design the best data capture solution for your specifications whether that is being processed by our trusted team of indexing experts or state-of-the-art OCR/ICR technology.





3SG Plus will work with you to understand your project needs and budget to validate document quality and data accuracy. These services can range from a mutually agreed upon random selection percentage all the way to double blind indexing comparisons.





3SG Plus offers a variety of Delivery options

  • Electronically via Import into your existing content management platform or business application
  • Electronically via mutually agreed upon required format ( write to CD, DVD, external hard drive, etc.)
  • Originals returned if required to maintain compliance with retention policies
  • Originals destroyed after customer review and acceptance of electronic files – destruction certificates delivered upon request



Why you should outsource your document
imaging services to 3SG Plus
  • Proven Quality Assurance
  • Faster Turnaround Time than could be handled by internal resources
  • Cost savings with no capital equipment or maintenance costs
  • Reduced workload to internal resources
Proven Experience

Since opening its doors in 2000, 3SG Plus has scanned and converted billions of documents.

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