Unexpected disasters can have lasting impacts on a community’s economic resiliency. Preparedness can be the difference between manageable property damage and large-scale devastation. Fire regulation and oversight are key with recurring fire inspections, permitting, and plan review serving as the first line of defense against irreparable damage or loss of life.

Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention

Fire departments need software that can streamline their operations quickly, so emergency response personnel can stay focused on public safety. The Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention is a pre-packaged solution built for fire departments designed to manage operations, improve the inspection process, and provide real-time updates to property owners and project stakeholders.

Fire departments can choose the level that meets their needs and budget, while gaining best practices from Accela’s fire prevention expertise. Accela for Fire Prevention is scalable based on each department’s size. The Essentials level is ideal for smaller fire departments and provides a complete end-to-end solution for permitting and inspections with modern mobile access and streamlined operations.

The Extended level includes the functionality of Essentials and includes workflow automation of complex workflows, integration capabilities, and improved project visibility for mid-sized agencies. The Enterprise level is designed for larger agencies with specialized needs. It includes the functionality of the Extended level and features advanced customization, inventory tracking, and flexible scheduling to enhance overall fire prevention management.

3SG’s Work within Accela Fire Prevention: A Case Study

3SG Plus recently completed an Accela deployment with a local city fire department. The custom Accela implementation is designed to improve the department’s operational capabilities and ensure seamless transitions from legacy systems to the new platform.

We implemented the Accela’s Fire Module and then migrated legacy data to the new platform. This project required close collaboration with the City’s IT and fire departments. Key aspects of this project included establishing record types, defining application-specific information, and developing department-specific workflows and inspection types.

We also developed business process automation through event scripting and performed quality validation to ensure data migration success. Additionally, we also developed the necessary scripts required to load existing data into the system, facilitating a smooth transition and integration.


Fire departments face numerous challenges in their missions to protect communities. However, with the right tools and expertise, these challenges can be effectively managed. The Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention provides a robust solution that enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness. Paired with 3SG’s professional and managed services, fire departments can better safeguard their communities and ensure preparedness and resilience against unexpected disasters.

If you would like to learn more about how 3SG Plus can help your fire department operate more efficiently, please click the button and fill out the form. We will be in touch.

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