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Eliminate Paper

The Need for Governments to Eliminate Paper

The Need for Governments to Eliminate Paper

Many governments still rely on paper-based processes that are slowing them down. The truth is, the technology to eliminate inefficient, paper-based processes has existed for a while and it has proven to be reliable.

In the United States, government agencies spend $1.3 billion on paper annually. 92% of government employees admit they print more than they need and 35% of federal workers discard the paper. Paper based operations often create duplicate processes. For governments to create internal efficiencies, prioritizing the shift from paper based to digital processes is critical. Digital processes create seamless integration between operations. Sometimes organizations can have efficient paper-based operations, but digitizing can accelerate the rate of document retrieval and access to information.

One example is the Franklin County Municipal Court (FCMC) in Ohio.  FCMC prides itself on providing fast, efficient service. The court recognized an opportunity to deliver even better service. By digitizing over 45 million records, FCMC not only retrieved documents 20-times faster but also was able to free up a tremendous amount of space that the records were occupying. This process change has accelerated the rate of service and increased the reach to citizens.

Internally, many government agency operations are still primitive. There are apprehensions about switching to new technologies.

Government organizations that rely on constant restructuring to create efficiencies often miss a critical step. They are not focused on bridging the communication gap between departments. Most departments within an agency still operate in silos. Agencies need cross-department organization to

improve service. By converting documents, departments can help eliminate process duplication. By building a document conversion system, agencies create transparency and openness internally. It encourages collaboration between employees, eliminates bottlenecks in processing, improves internal communications and ultimately improves service to citizens.

Whenever an organization relies on a single source to store all its information, the threat of data loss is omnipresent. Most documents are stored in large, warehouse-like spaces without little security and are vulnerable to a fire, flood or any accidental man-made disaster. Many agencies store information in formats that are easily perishable. Unless constantly monitored and maintained, formats like microfilm and paper can disintegrate in unsuitable environments. It’s important to ensure that all the documents are backed up and accessible digitally.


3SG Plus’ Document Conversion Services

At 3SG Plus, we understand government. For nearly 20 years, we have served various government agencies and departments. Having dealt with a variety of document types, our experts can analyze your agency to create a document conversion system that fits your needs best. Whether it’s microfilm or property tax record books, our state-of-the-art conversion system handles billions of documents to create well-indexed, secure and easily accessible document retrieval systems. If you want to better understand the state of your documents, contact 3SG Plus for a consultation.

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