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3SG Plus Business Process Outsourcing Helps NIPSCO Meet State Regulations Requirements

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3SG Plus Business Process Outsourcing Helps NIPSCO Meet State Regulations Requirements


Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), headquartered in Merrillville, Indiana is one of the seven energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. With more than 18,000 miles of pipeline serving 821,000 natural gas customers across the northern third of Indiana, NIPSCO is the largest natural gas distribution company in the state.


NIPSCO had approximately 30,000 linen fabric pages of asset mapping that were suffering from physical deterioration due to age and use. They were stored in books across multiple office locations making access difficult and decentralized. State regulations requires them to have the data in a computerized system in order to meet their own two-day standard for location services and safety response timeliness.

Efficiency and Accuracy
As the largest company, they consider safety of the network as the most important responsibility they have. They scanned the linen maps but still had difficulty quickly and efficiently accessing the necessary image files and accurately locating the corresponding services.

Timeline and Manpower
State regulators gave them a 1-year timeline to achieve compliance and improve pipeline safety efforts. The staffing needs to accomplish a task of that size in the allotted timeline exceeded their current levels.


3SGPlus provided a solution by interpreting each linen fabric page from the client’s digital scanned images and then created the GIS data. For security purposes, 3SG staff connected to the client’s network via a Citrix connection and was able to comply with network security protocols. The data seamlessly integrates with their existing system.

Data Creation
Each linen image is carefully examined for content including network features and supporting work order information. The data is then translated into GIS features and added to the existing gas utility network. Highly detailed attribute data is captured and applied accordingly.


Cost Savings and Time Savings
Utilizing 3SGPlus staff meant significant cost savings in comparison to an in-house staffing solution. There was also no need to pull staff
from other critical roles or on-board new staff just for this project. 3SGPlus’s highly trained staff was able to quickly begin the data
production process and efficiently digitize the data directly on the GIS server.

On-time Delivery of Time-Critical Project
This solution is on schedule to help Nipsco meet the State’s 1-year timeline requirements, allowing them to accurately locate their
network services and manage their assets more efficiently. This new data will also improve the effectiveness of their pipeline safety
management system.

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