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What is Blockchain

What is Blockchain Really?

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed technology designed specifically to transform business operations.  At its core, Blockchain is a shared digital ledger encompassing a list of connected blocks stored on a decentralized distributed network that is secured through cryptography. Each block contains encrypted information and hashed pointers to a previous block, making it difficult to retroactively alter without modifying the entire chain and the replicas within the peer network. New blocks are validated by peers on the network, providing credibility and preventing malicious activity and policy violations. Blockchain, through which the entire network contributes to data validation, brings trust to the entire eco-system. In addition, because data is stored in a decentralized manner, the integration of data is simplified—all systems connect to a single node to access trusted data.

The Blockchain Environment

In a Blockchain environment, because participants in a transaction have access to the same records, they can validate transactions and verify identities or ownership without the need for third-party intermediaries. Transactions are time-stamped, ordered, and can be verified in near real time. We are committed to transparency and data sharing with our partners.



Blockchain in the Public Sector

Blockchain has been on a stealth course in government circles in recent months. Blockchain has the power to completely transform every part of our lives. It has the ability to improve democracy and provide greater opportunities but it will only realize it’s full potential with the help and co-operation of governments. Currently governments on all continents except Antarctica are engaged in blockchain pilot projects. The public sector is responsible for many areas of trust and services so there are a large number of use cases across countries including: the European Union (EU — anti-counterfeiting), Estonia (Digital Government), US (FDA, DHS, HHS, GSA — security, anti-counterfeiting), China (Payments), India (Payments, Land Registry), Switzerland (Identity), Denmark (Voting), Dubai (Digital Government), Georgia (Land Registry), Gibraltar (Stock Exchange), and many more.

Data Science

Solving Problems in a Powerful Way

Data Science

Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Data science is the same concept as data mining and big data: “use the most powerful hardware, the most powerful programming systems, and the most efficient algorithms to solve problems”

Our data science approach has 3 elements:
  1. Research and Development of new models
  2. Building large scale data hosting and indexing capability
  3. System and algorithm deployment for AI and Machine learning


Our Capabilities

Transit Operations
• Transit Vehicle Tracking- Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) & Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) • Dynamic Routing and Scheduling System • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) • Itinerary Planning • Fare Payment System • Fleet Maintenance • Asset Management • Multi-Modal Coordination • Coordinate Timed Transfers Between Routes, Providers & Modes
Traveler Information & Traffic Management Systems
• Real-time Arrival/Departure Information • Provide/Enhance Congestion Information to Travelers • Signal Control System • Signal Coordination
Emergency Management System
• Response Management • Emergency Vehicle Preemption
Transit Enhanced Services
• On-Demand Services (Late Night, Expanded Service) • Micro-Transit Services • First-Last Mile Services • Paratransit- Will Call Services- On-Demand • Flex Routes