Anton Rasiah, CPA | 3SG Plus | Chief Financial Officer
Anton Rasiah, CPA
Anton Rasiah, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Anton is a certified public accountant with decades of experience in accounting and finance, serving in a senior executive role. He graduated with an MBA from Central Queensland University, Australia, and is known for his international expertise having worked in Asia and Australia prior to becoming a CPA in the United States.

Anton has extensive managerial experience, including strategic planning in making profitable teams within organizations and managing finance, accounting, and human resources departments. In previous positions, he served as a team member for multiple acquisitions as part of growth strategy initiatives and assisted in a transition to a capital backed venture. He has a knack for boosting profitability and managing cash flow during strained economic times and is a master at championing enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations.

Over my career, I have come to learn that a successful business prioritizes the needs of its collective relationships before itself. The mission of 3SG Plus aligns with these values and I am thrilled to be a part of their team.